Legal Documents

MCFMLD Investment Policy and Resolution

September 13, 2017 MCFMLD Investment Policy and Resolution 2017

Colorado Legislation

January 2017: HB17-1152 Federal Mineral Lease District Investment Authority


2017 Fall Grant Contract Resolution 2017 Fall Grant Award Resolution 2017-03

2017 Spring Grant Contract Approval: 2017.05.10 Resolution re Spring 2017 Grant Awards 1

2016 Purchasing Resolution: 2016 Spending Resolution 2016.10.01


2018 Budget : 2018 Draft Budget November

2017 Amended Budget: 2017 Amended Budget to DOLA

2017 Budget: 2017 Budget Packet for DOLA

2016 Budget: 2016 Budget Message and Resolution

2015 Budget: 2015 Budget Message and Resolution

Establishing District

2012 Creation of Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease District by Mesa County Commissioners RESOLUTION MCM 2012-057 Creating FMLD

Mesa County Resolution 2011-067 Inter Governmental Agreement Mesa County Resolution 2011-067

Mesa County Resolution 2011-077 Mesa County Federal Mineral Lease District Service Plan Mesa County Resolution 2011-077


Conflict of Interest Disclosures

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